In the attic of our hotel there is a place where you can relax, rejuvenate and enjoy the beautiful view of the panorama of Donovaly and the ski slope of Záhradište.

The Tuscan atmosphere is breathing from every corner and together with a rich regeneration and revitalization program provides our guest very special experience.

We offer you

  • four kinds of saunas (finish, swedish, steam, infra)
  • cooling climate chamber
  • cold stream
  • cooling pool
  • jacuzzi
  • solarium
  • relaxation zone
  • Finnish sauna

    Sauna with high air temperature 80-100 °C and low humidity up to 15%.
    • 80° - 100°C
    • 15%
  • Swedish sauna

    Sauna with air temperature up to 60 °C and humidity between 30-40%.
    • 60°C
    • 30 - 40%
  • Infra sauna

    The name of this sauna is based on the effects of the infrared rays that have healing effects to many diseases or their painful symptoms.
  • Steam sauna

    It's a sauna with a temperature of 45-55 °C and high humidity (up to 100%).
    • 45° - 55°C
    • 100%